Our newest ignition kit utilizes AUDI R8 ignition coils and our custom plug n play harness. These AUDI coils utilize a dual coil setup that has a voltage output of 50k volts. Much more than the stock QR25DE and VQ35DE coil packs, allowing a more stable idle and increased horsepower across the rev range. 
Perfect for your stock N/A, turbo, supercharged or fully bolted/tuned setups.
You may have noticed that these coils do not bolt down like the OEM cop's. The AUDI coils use a slip-fit design that allows them to fit nice and snug inside the head making for an even easier install without sacrificing its operation. Gotta love that German engineering.
Weather you want a more reliable ignition system or want the most out of your current setup, this ignition kit will suit your needs.


*VQ35DE engines require the use of a plenum spacer*

**For custom harness length please leave details at checkout or email directly**